Outcome Monitoring


Recovery Star

(source of a reputable outcomes measure - Mental Health Providers Forum)

Core 10 Outcome Measure

(source of a reputable outcomes measure: the CORE-10)

CORE 10 Outcomes Measure Manual

the CORE-10 outcomes measure manual - Connell & Barkham 2007

OQ45.2 Outcomes Questionnaire

(source of a reputable outcomes measure: the OQ45.2 by Lambert & Burlingame 1996)

Monitoring Problem Severity & Personal Goal Attainment

individualised problem severity and goal attainment tool (John Butler)


Outcome Measures from Neurolink (2005)

a series of public domain symptom severity assessment tools for depression and anxiety, as provided by Neurolink in 2005

Monitoring Personal Progress Tool

individualised tool for monitoring progress (John Butler)

LUNSERS (Liverpool University Neuroleptic Side Effects Rating Scale)

(source for information on LUNSERS for Health Care Professionals / Companies)

Depression Relapse Prevention Outcome Tool

a self-report tool for assessing personal views of depression and relapse prevention (John Butler & Editha Butler)

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